Quayside @ twentyfive7
Telok Panglima Garang, Selangor

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Plan your visit to make the most of your day with activities : Open daily from 3pm to 11pm Closed on Wednesday (except during Malaysia Public Holidays or School Holidays)

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1. Waterfront SuperFly

Ever wondered how it feels to soar through the air?



2. Basketball Court

Gather your team and show off your basketball skills at our 2 basketball courts around Quayside


Family Friendly

3. Water Playscape

Encouraged for both kids and adults to marvel at! Enjoy the fun water spouts that shower you with pretty patterns.


Family Friendly

4. Flamingo Paddle Boat

Tour the majestic central lake on the back of flamingos and unlock the ultimate experience.


Family Friendly

5. Origami Playgound

Bring your little ones to discover the great outdoors.



6. Carousel

When it comes to enjoyable park rides nothing beats the classic carousel.


Family Friendly

7. Solar Express

Suitable for all ages, take a leisurely tour to experience twentyfive.7


Family Friendly

9. Aqua Zorbing

Our Aqua Zorb Ball is here to turn your water time into a hilarious adventure.


Family Friendly

8. Round Swings

Relax while enjoying the round swings in our lively central park with your family

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Carousel - Quayside
This whimsical ride is a beautiful experience for children and those young at heart.
Solar Express - Quayside
Suitable for all ages, take a leisurely train tour to experience twentyfive7.
Cykel & Cyclist - Quayside
A variety of bikes are for sale and rent at an affordable rate.
*Coming Soon
Pink e-Boat
This battery-powered e-boats let you experience the beauty of Quayside’s Lake at a leisurely pace.
Waterfront Superfly
Catch the wind as you soar through the air over a lake.
Strap your little ones in and let them experience soaring to the sky with the all-new Bungeefly!
Aqua Zorbing
Our aqua zorb ball turns a day at the lake into a topsy-turvy adventure.

Operating Hours

Plan your visit to make the most of your day with activities

Origami Playground
7.00am – 10.00pm (Daily)
3.00pm - 11.00pm (Mon - Fri)
11.00am - 11.00pm (Sat - Sun)
Solar Express
3.00pm - 11.00pm (Mon - Fri)
11.00am - 11.00pm (Sat - Sun)
Round Swings
8.00am – 9.00pm (Daily)
Cykel & Cyclist
4.00pm - 10.00pm (Mon - Fri)
9.00am - 11.00pm (Sat - Sun & Public Holidays)
Opens daily except Monday
Flamingo Pedal Boat
3.00pm - 7.00pm (Mon - Fri)
11.00am - 7.00pm (Sat - Sun)
Water Playscape
5.30pm - 7.30pm (Mon - Fri)
10.00am - 11.00am & 5.30pm - 7.00pm (Sat - Sun)
Waterfront Superfly
3.00pm - 7.00pm (Mon - Fri)
11.00am - 7.00pm (Sat - Sun)
Basketball Court
8.00am – 9.00pm (Daily)

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