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#JOM! GO: Splashing time at Gamuda Cove

IF you don't have anything planned for the school holidays, SplashMania, a water park in Gamuda Cove in Sepang, Selangor, might be worth a visit.

The latest water park in the country, which opened its doors early this month, is running a special promotion until March 31 with ticket prices as low as RM63 (for children between 90cm and 120cm, and senior citizens).

You'll get to enjoy more than 30 water slides and rides in the park.

Spanning over 7.2 hectares, the water park's showpiece is the Amazonia Ship, which is a 180m-high structure featuring a restaurant and an observation deck.

For a "Titanic" experience, climb atop the ship's deck and enjoy a panoramic view of the whole park.

The ship also boasts two of SplashMania's most thrilling adrenaline-pumping water slides: the Sumaumeira Drop and the Plunge. The Sumaumeira Drop is not for the faint-hearted as it has been dubbed as the tallest water ride in Malaysia, with a 75-degree angle to give you a maximum splash!

If that still doesn't satisfy your thirst for thrills, the Plunge may be the one to try next.

The Plunge looks tolerable outside the Amazonia Ship, but it is actually one of the most extreme slides in the park.

Riders will initially stand on a platform trying to calm their nerves, and just when they think they are ready, a trap door will suddenly drop under their feet, causing them to free-fall on a 75-degree slide into the pool below.

For a fun group race, grab a water mat and slide down alongside each other in a colourful multi-flume slide known as the Maniac Racers.

There are also other first-in-Malaysia rides that will soon be introduced, such as the Atlantis VR that provides a unique experience with a variety of lights and audio special effects as you twist and turn in the ride.

In the meantime, visitors can enjoy other exciting rides, such as the Shaka Waka, Rush Havoc, Whacka Boom Boom, and Whoopa Loopa. These rides are my favourites as they offer a colourful disco-feel as I go down the enclosed ride.

The Typhoon Terror, Curl & Swirl and Wild Rush are also some of the must-try water-slides.

For more relaxing attractions (especially for young kids and families), try the Omba'king Cove, Ravage River and Treasure Tower.

If you're up for a physical challenge, take the body-boarding challenge at Surf Mania.

Before you start, you will be briefed on the dos and don'ts for safety before doing a practice run. Surfers begin by lying prone on a flat board as strong gushes of water is sprayed towards them. Then slowly, they rise up to kneeling position and try to catch the waves, all the while using their hands to maintain balance.

It might look easy, but it is definitely a challenge. A lot of practice and listening to your coach is needed.