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Gamuda officially opens SplashMania Waterpark, to build more rides

KUALA LUMPUR: Gamuda Bhd has plans for more rides and other attractions at its SplashMania Waterpark at the Gamuda Cove township in Selangor over the next 10 years.

Gamuda managing director Datuk Lin Yung Ling said the 7.28-hectare waterpark has attracted about 75,000 visitors a month since its soft opening in Febuary.

Lin and Gamuda chairman Tan Sri Ambrin Buang are bullish that SplashMania will attract about 800,000 visitors in its first year.

"Since the soft opening of SplashMania in February 2023, the water park has welcomed over 75,000 monthly visitors from both the domestic and regional tourism markets," he said the Splashmania launch by Selangor Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Amirudin Shari on Sunday.

"The success of SplashMania is, however, not limited to its individual visitorship but rather in how it effectively cross-pollinates with the host of other ecotourism offerings within Gamuda Cove that indicate the emergence of a major attraction hub in Selangor," Ambrin added.

Amirudin, meanwhile, said the launch signalled the waterpark operating at full capacity with all 24 waterslides now available to the public along with its 15 attractions.

"Gamuda's SplashMania Waterpark has put the South of Selangor on the map and breathed new life into the area.

"This complements the state's efforts in developing the Integrated Development Region in South Selangor as part of the First Selangor Plan. These include new townships such as Gamuda Cove and Gamuda Gardens, all strategically located within Selangor."

Amirudin added that both these developments catalyse the growth in both northern and southern Klang Valley.

"With the company's investment into more sustainable infrastructure, it has further rejuvenated the local environment while also being a solid foundation for future investments to cater to the demand generated by these efforts," he said.

Ambrin said Gamuda's construction and development projects have not only reshaped the country's physical landscape but have also played a pivotal role in generating employment


Comprising 39 waterslides and attractions, SplashMania Waterpark is the latest addition to Gamuda Cove's placemaking initiatives with 70 per cent of the waterpark dedicated to green spaces.

The initial phase of opening was driven by the domestic market, mainly from Greater Klang Valley and neighbouring states, while primary international tourists were from Vietnam, Singapore and Australia.

Gamuda said the much-anticipated introduction of Malaysia's first Virtual Reality Waterslide, Atlantis VR will further augur the park's attractiveness.

"The two latest additions Monsta and Twista waterslides are equipped with high-speed twists and turns, an adrenalin pumping ride for thrill seekers."

Other notable waterslides include The Shaka Waka, which is a one-of-a-kind enclosed tube slide with audio and light effects, creating a unique experience within the slide itself as visitors travel down at high speeds, The Plunge, a high-speed flume angled at 78 degrees, which plummets visitors from six storeys high from the top of Amazonia Ship, and The Wild Rush, where visitors blast through narrow looping and twisting tunnels with back-to-back curves and tight 360-degree loops.