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A day in SplashMania

THE Splashy Raya promotion for the 18-acre SplashMania Waterpark, which opened earlier this year, was introduced by GL Play by Gamuda Land last month. The SplashMania Waterpark is situated in Kuala Langat, Selangor, in Gamuda Cove.

It provides visitors with a once-in-a-lifetime experience by creating the perfect setting for heart-pounding thrills and bucket-list activities.

The campaign took place from April 22 until May 1. Through festive performances and enjoyable activities that will be offered throughout the campaign, this Hari Raya event aimed to prolong the festivities. The artistic in-house talent of GL Play by SplashMania performed their acts as part of a pre-Hari Raya party to kick off Splashy Raya.

With SplashMania having started its soft opening in February, Sanjay Nadarajah, General Manager of Gamuda Land, Leisure & Hospitality stated: “We’re continually looking for fun and engaging ways to amplify the visitor experience through festivities and standalone concepts. As a multiracial country, we wanted to encapsulate the atmosphere of Hari Raya through our incredible in-house talents to give families the Raya feel to celebrate the festivities.”

It has 39 exciting slides and attractions, including some unique waterslide experiences in Malaysia. theSun was offered an opportunity to experience Splashmania after the event. Due to the availability of parking spaces for guests, we had no trouble finding one.

Fortunately, it wasn’t packed when we went there, so we could go in right away after having our belongings checked. We were greeted by four sculptures of the mascots Splashmania, Omba’King, Max, Swaggy B, and Zoomi.

We were amazed by the picture setups at Splashmania. The only requirements are to scan a QR code, register, and post a selfie. All of the photos that staff members take of you will be instantly posted to your account, where you can download them for free or even have them printed at the GL CLIX shop just at the entrance of Splashmania.

Lockers are ready to store our clothing as usual with small, medium, and large sizes. It is easy to keep your belongings and get ready before entering the water because the lockers, changing rooms, prayer rooms, and restrooms are close to one another.

Different-sized swimming tubes are available for hire, however two-seater swimming tubes are also offered without charge. We obviously did not have time to go on all the attractions because several were still closed, but we did try a few fascinating slides. Wild Rush was our first tune.

The depth of this pool is three metres. If you are not a swimmer, you might want to stop and consider before doing this slide. Even though my fearless co-worker is an excellent swimmer, I could tell she was having difficulties as she swirled into the pool.

We proceeded to the Rainforest-Style Rapids, the day’s second attraction. While going down, we were without a float, but there was no need to be concerned because the water current was pushing us and we were floating away with the waves. This attraction has a variety of components along the route. This includes Wave Ball Pool, Savage Ravage, Secret Lair, Donut Rapids, Bubbly Dip, Monsoon, and Pinnacle Creek. Since it was so soothing, this has to be one of my favourite attractions.

Then we rode the Typhoon Terror, Curl & Swirl, and Twin Turbo family adventure rides. Since I’m afraid of heights, I was seriously second-guessing my choices as I ascended the stairs. I felt a little better knowing that these games are all played in pairs since I can hang on to my partner. I had a lot of fun, but I also experienced a lot of anxiety.

While I was on the other side of the slide, screaming and questioning my life decisions, I saw kids playing and having the time of their lives while swirling down the same slide. But I won’t deny that it was incredibly exciting. For someone like myself who has a fear of heights, this is a major achievement.

We visited Treasure Tower, where there are several different kinds of water slides for kids, after attempting the major three rides. The large bucket that spills water when it is full is the finest feature of the tower. We enjoyed hanging out with the other youngsters there even though it was the children’s section.

Additionally, the slides are large enough for adults to join in as well. Since it wasn’t too busy, we also strolled over to the Omba’king Cove to relax there. We spent our time taking good pictures. We had a beach-like sensation, almost.

Last but not least, my colleagues tried the extreme adventures called Plunge and Maniac Races before getting out the water.

Honestly, these slides are not for the weak of heart (like myself), and even seeing my co-workers play the Plunge made my heart skip a beat. It is a blue slide coming out from a pirate ship which is about six stories tall.

Everyone who attempted the slide claimed that they had no time to even scream because everything happened so quickly.

Those taking part in the Maniac Races must hold onto a water mat while sliding down. Although it wasn’t as scary, I wasn’t willing to take any chances.

We spent the rest of the evening at a nearby restaurant. For those feeling peckish, there are several eateries within.

There are still a few rides out of the 39 at Splashmania that are not completely open. For the full experience, I recommend waiting until all the rides are completely operational.

In spite of this, Splashmania is absolutely entertaining, thrilling, and – most importantly – extremely clean, so the anticipation is well-deserved. It will certainly be a great time to spend with your friends and family given all of these entertaining slides.

The Splashmania Water Park is open from 10 am to 6 pm everyday (excluding Tuesday).