*Pre-Booking Basis
Adventure Cycling
Push yourself to the limit and pump your adrenaline with a thrilling ride through our cycling trail.
A multi-level ship that contains an event space, waterslide, F&B shack, DJ deck, and multiple pay-per-ride attractions.
Aqua Swirl
A marvel of aquatic engineering! Brace yourselves for twists, turns, and satisfying slide down on one of our longest slides.
Aqua Zorbing
Our aqua zorb ball turns a day at the lake into a topsy-turvy adventure.
This archery facility allows you to channel your inner hunter as you aim for your target.
Beach Pool Club
Escape the hustle and bustle of the city to this inspired poolside oasis to enjoy a relaxed ambience.
Big Bucket Splash
Big Bucket Splash is a water play attraction that covers 10,000 square feet of land.
Boat Cruise
Experience a leisurely cruise tour across the lake in an open boat while looking for wildlife along the lake bank.
Strap your little ones in and let them experience soaring to the sky with the all-new Bungeefly!
Strap your little ones in and let them experience soaring to the sky with the Bungeefly!
*Bring-Your-Own-Tent / Pre-Booking Basis
Retreat where you can be close to nature without going far from home.
Carousel - Discovery Park
This whimsical ride is a beautiful experience for children and those young at heart.
Carousel - Gamuda Luge Gardens
This whimsical ride is a beautiful experience for children and those young at heart.
Carousel - Quayside
This whimsical ride is a beautiful experience for children and those young at heart.
Cove Aerobar
Southeast Asia's first panoramic skyride, Cove Aerobar, is 35 metres tall and offers uninterrupted views of the Gamuda Cove landscape and beyond. ​
Crazy Kart
Drift through Xploria in our Crazy Kart for an adrenaline rush suitable for all ages!
Curl & Swirl
Spin endlessly around a curved bowl that sends you down a thrilling corkscrew exit.
Cykel & Cyclist - Quayside
A variety of bikes are for sale and rent at an affordable rate.
Donut Boat Ride
Xperience a panoramic picnic boat ride alongside the cascading waterfall of the Central Park lake!
Eye Of Gardens
Measuring 50-metres high, this will be Malaysia's largest and tallest Ferris Wheel!
Fruity Frenzy
Perfect for kids looking for a spin around in a gigantic fruitcup-themed ride.
Goosebumps Big Swing
This mechanical swing lifts you up in the air before dropping down in a thrilling pendulum motion.​
Goosebumps Rope Course
The first of its kind in Malaysia, standing 16m high and 20m in diameter, this solid structure is built with 57 climbing elements.
Jellycup Twist
Families will love this wholesome attraction as they get spun around in a jellyfish-themed ride.
In this exciting ride, six children get strapped into a frog-themed ride and shot up seven meters into the sky.
*Pre-Booking Basis
Jungle School Programme
An outdoor education programme for kids aged 4 to 9 years old.
Maniac Racers
Race with your friends on this multi-flume slide that gives you a drift-like experience!
Mini Mania
This combined attraction includes a mini waterslide with thrilling turns, a multi-lane water slide that simulates mat racing, and a mini course for raft riding.
Mini Monsta
A mini funnel waterslide that takes you along walls to experience exhilarating release.
Slide into steep angles along curved walls with high-speed accelerating turns.
Nature Wanderlust
This package includes Safari Insta Tour, a 60-minute experiential and scenic tour of Paya Indah Discovery Wetlands.
Omba'King Cove
Relax and watch performances on Amazonia's stage while lounging from a sand-filled beach or in soothing waves.
Paintball Target Shooting
Shoot multiple stationary targets with a paintball marker to test your marksmanship
Paintball War Game
Prepare for a climactic showdown that will paint your day at Discovery Park with thrill and adrenaline!
Pink E-Cruiser
This battery-powered e-boats let you experience the beauty of Quayside’s Lake at a leisurely pace.
Swoosh 6-storeys down a single flume at incredibly high speeds and plummet into a lagoon.
Ravage River​
Explore lazing at the river with 8 different elements that includes Donut Rapids, Bubbly Dip, Rain Shooters, Wave Ball Pool and many more.
Rud Karting
This go-kart racing track contains two levels of winding lanes for the best high-speed experience on electric go-karts!​
Rush Havoc
Immerse yourself in dramatic visual effects while sliding down enclosed blackhole tubes at high speed.
Shaka Waka
Enjoy dramatic visual and sound effects while sliding down enclosed tubes at high speeds.
Sky Leap
Leap from the top of the Amazonia ship on a 17.5-metre freefall harness drop onto the beach below!​
Skyline Luge
The Luge is a thrilling gravity-fuelled ride, suitable for all ages.
Solar Express - Quayside
Suitable for all ages, take a leisurely train tour to experience twentyfive7.
Solar Express - Xploria
Suitable for all ages, take a leisurely tour to experience Gamuda Gardens from a different view.
Spills & Thrills
A racing and adrenaline-filled waterslide with family rafts atop a curved bowl.
Splash Sploosh
A water fountain splash pad that children and adults can enjoy.
Sumaumeira Drop
Experience a sudden drop from the top aof the Amazonia ship while curving at high speeds in a body slide.
Surf Mania
A surf pool with fast-paced, rocky waves for those who want to try surfing.
Tiny Twista
A mini waterslide with steep angles along curved walls for high-speed accelerating turns.
Titanic Experience
Take photos and soak in magnificent views of the waterpark from a high platform at the edge of the Amazonia Ship.
The trampoline presents a fun activity for children and adults alike while also being an excellent form of exercise.
Treasure Tower
A massive slide combo that fuses multiple flumes, splash buckets and fun!
Twin Turbo
Zoom down side-by-side flumes that allow you to view the competition as you race down tight loops.
Experience the thrill on a high-speed slide that sends you spinning on a bowl before release.
Typhoon Terror
A ski-inspired slide that lets you experience the motion of a giant slalom ski turn at a rapid pace!
Be prepared to spin, turn and slide on a 10-metre-high track and then back again!
Water Biking
Coast around the majestic Central Park lake and enjoy scenic views by paddling on banana-shaped Water Bikes!
Waterfront Superfly
Catch the wind as you soar through the air over a lake.
Wetlands Arboretum Centre​
Wetlands Arboretum Centre​ The Wetlands Arboretum Centre is established to host environmental education in collaboration with Gamuda Parks.
Whacka Boom Boom
A classic waterslide with thrilling curved bowls and loops that waterpark-goers of all ages can enjoy.
Whoopa Loopa
A translucent slide for added thrill that's fast, winding, and guaranteed to make a big splash.
Wild Rush
A classic body waterslide with thrilling twists and turns with a dive-like landing into a 3m pool.
Zoomi's Runway
Catch Splashmania from Zoomi's point-of-view as you zip 100-metres across the waterpark from the deck of the Amazonia ship.

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